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Elderflower Cordial

Makes just under 1 ½ litres | 3 pints of cordial


20 fresh elderflower heads
1 lemon
25 g citric acid
750 ml | 3 cups boiling water
750 g | 1 lb 10 ½ oz white sugar


Rinse and pick the elderflower heads over to get rid of any bugs.

Carefully peel the zest from the lemon trying not to get any white pith in the zest, then peel or cut the white pith from the lemons and throw it away. Roughly chop the lemon.

Add the boiling water to the sugar and lemon when the sugar is dissolved add the citric acid and stir until dissolved.

Leave the mixture to cool to no more than blood temperature, before adding the elder flower heads.

Cover with a lid or cloth and leave the mixture to infuse for 24 hours.

After 24 hours strain through a muslin cloth or jelly bag and bottle in sterilized bottles. Your cordial is ready to drink straight away and will keep for a few weeks in the fridge.

If you want to keep your cordial out of the fridge and for a longer time, add ¼ of a well crushed Camden tablet, make sure the tablet is completely dissolved before you bottle your cordial.

To clear a cloudy cordial, leave the cordial to settle for another 24 hours after straining so the microscopic pollen particles settle as sediment to the bottom.  Pour the cordial into sterilized bottles being careful not to disturb the sediment as you do.


Camden tablets are readily available from home brewing and wine making suppliers.

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