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Garlic and Cumin Raita


250 ml set yoghurt
2 spring onions
1/2 tablespoon finely grated garlic
3 tablespoons rapeseed oil
1 tablespoon cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon salt



Finely slice the spring onions then place in a small bowl and mix in the yoghurt, garlic and salt. In a small frying pan heat the oil until it’s shimmering then add the cumin seeds and fry until they darken, start to pop and give off a nutty aroma. Pour the oil and cumin over the yoghurt mixture while it is still hot so it sizzles. Once the oil has stopped sizzling stir until well mixed then season with salt and pepper to taste.


  • This raita makes a delicious dip for crudité and spicy samosas

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