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Day 1

150g |   raisins
150g |   sultanas
100g |   currants
65g |   mixed candied peel
80g |   light muscavado sugar
1 cox eating apple
1/2 teaspoon Chai mountain masala, plus a generous extra pinch because it’s Christmas
60ml |   brandy
60ml |   medium sherry
1 orange zest

Day 2

100g |   salted butter



Core and grate the apple then place it with all the ingredients for day 1 into an oven proof mixing bowl.  Cover the bowl and leave it on the side until the next day, give the mincemeat a stir whenever you walk past.

Next day

Pre-heat you oven to 120ºC | 110ºC fan | 250ºF | 1/2 Gas mark | Very slow

Break the butter into small nuggets, there's no need for precision here. Add the butter to the rest of the mincemeat and warm gently in the oven just until the butter melts, some of the liquid will run from the fruit, that's fine it will thicken up later.  Give the mincemeat a good stir to make sure the butter is evenly distributed, allow to cool and spoon into jars.  The mince meat is ready to use in a week or so.


  • If you don't have medium sherry Masala wine or Red Vermouth are both good substitutes.
  • If you don't have The Himalayan Spice Co Chai mountain masala you can use mixed spice, your mincemeat will have a stronger clove flavour 
  • You can substitute all of the fruit and peel for 500g | 1lb ready mixed dried fruit, your mincemeat will have a little more liquid so you might have to mix  cornflower into it. Mix the cornflower with a little of the liquid first to make sure there aren't any lumps, about 1/2 a teaspoon for semi set and 1 teaspoon for a firm set once cooked.
  • If you don't have any of the alcohol you could, at a push, use the juice of the orange and the juice of a lemon instead. 
  • This isn't meant to be a keeping mincemeat, it will keep well and develop for a month in the fridge. 

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