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Our Story

The Himalayan Spice Company (HSCo) has been created by two world travellers who love to cook food packed full of flavour. The brainchild of Sarah Gurung, she has been buying spices for the restaurant she co-owns with her Nepalese husband from the market traders of Kathmandu for over 30 years. Sarah’s skill in developing fragrant blends that are easily adaptable for all cuisine sets the Himalayan Spice Company apart from any other. 

During her travels around Nepal and Asia, Sarah takes every opportunity to hunt out the best quality, freshest spices from all over the region. While some are familiar stalwarts on a spice rack, others, such as Timur, a spice from the high Himalaya, are rarely found outside the area. A fluent Nepali speaker and a skilled cook, she will often talk to street food traders and restaurant chefs about how to get the very best flavours from a handful of spice.  A trip at the beginning of 2019 gave Sarah, and HSCo business partner, Helen an opportunity to refine their introductory collection of blends, which they launched at the Bradford-on-Avon food festival in June.

Focussing on healthy, balanced recipes that can be adapted for all tastes with ease, the pair take their customers on a journey of culinary discovery with an ever growing library of recipes.  Wholesome plant-based diets, protein-rich fish and meat dishes, snacks, deserts, drinks and bakery all benefit from the HSCo twist.