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Starters and sides

Small plates (Tipen Tapen) are a major part of Himalayan life, any time you visit someones house you'll be offered a small plate of something.  It could be a simple fried egg with tea or a tapas type feast with drinks before the main meal at a dinner party.  Here are the recipes for some of our favourites, how, where and when you choose to eat them is entirely up to you.

Turkey sadeko salad


Pork Belly Shekuwa

Spicy, salty with a slight fruity sourness this pork dish is so tasty we serve it on it's own as a snack with a spicy dipping sauce.



Simple fried rice

A simple recipe with complex flavours this fried rice is the perfect accompaniment for many of our dishes


Celeriac and Apple in Cashew and Lime dressing

There's something about celeriac and lime that's pure kitchen alchemy, without extra oil they sing out in this light fresh salad that's creamy enough to be satisfying.

Breakfast Tomatoes

Tomatoes for breakfast are one of lifespan's simple and classic pleasures, try these with bacon and fried rice, yes the leftovers from the night before in true asian style.